The government has issued guidance to give the public and businesses information during the period of National Mourning which has now started and will continue until the end of the day of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's State Funeral.

In general, there is no expectation on businesses or the public to observe specific behaviours during this period.

  • Businesses. There is no obligation on businesses to close during the period of National Mourning. However, depending on the nature and location of the business and the tone of planned events, some may wish to consider closure or postponing certain events, especially on the day of the State Funeral. 

  • Public services. These will continue as usual, although there may be some changes to service availability on the day of the State Funeral. 

  • Major events, entertainment and sports. It is up to individual organisations to decide whether to cancel or postpone events and fixtures, or close entertainment venues during the National Mourning period although they may wish to do so on the day of the State Funeral as a mark of respect. 

The guidance also covers other matters including half-masting of flags, floral and other tributes, and books of condolence. Travel disruption is also likely due to ceremonial events and in the build up to the State Funeral.

Guidance: The Demise of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: National Mourning Guidance - GOV.UK (