Police forces in the UK have been using live facial recognition (LFR) for the purposes of crime prevention. This use has not been without controversy. 

A new report has added another voice to the call for the abandonment of live facial recognition by police
The report is from Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy at the University of CambridgeIt says: “We have shown how police use of facial recognition fails to incorporate many of the known practices for the safe and ethical use of large-scale data systems. This problem moves well beyond the concern of bias in facial recognition algorithms.”

Concerns about use of LFR are not new. I've written about it previously. See: Facial recognition: It's what we do, Facial recognition company gets data fine, Smile Amazon delivery drivers: you're on AI and Facial recognition – law keeping up with technology?

With such a critical report, we can expect further commentary from the Information Commissioner.

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