Immigration and nationality fees are rising significantly from 4 October. Amongst those affected will be those applying for entry as, or extensions of leave as, graduates and skilled workers. 

The cost of student visas will not immediately increase, but those switching from student to graduate visas will see the application fee rise by 15%, from £715 to £822. 

Skilled worker visa fees for those overseas will rise from £625 to £719, whilst for those in the UK looking to extend, switch or change employer the cost will rise from £719 to £827. The employer's costs for issuing Certificates of Sponsorship will also rise by 20%, from £199 to £239.

Naturalisation and registration as British citizen applications will rise by 20%, as will applications for indefinite leave to remain, whilst priority services for expedited decisions will see even bigger increases. 

We also anticipate that the Immigration Health Surcharge, currently £624 per year of sponsorship, will be increased later in the autumn, although no details have yet been published. These increases will particularly affect businesses who regularly sponsor workers and pay the relevant application fees for their workers. 

If you are planning to come to UK under these categories, are due to extend your current leave or switch employer, or are an employer looking to sponsor a visa applicant, ensuring the application is submitted by 3 October will avoid these fee increases. 

Please contact our immigration team if you require any advice or assistance with visas or sponsorship.